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The Putney School Impact Report
July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Letter from the

Head of School

Danny O'Brien, Head of School

Amidst the turmoil of our times, The Putney School’s mission stands for something different. The Putney community turns to this school because of the values that we teach, and live. As it has for almost 100 years, I am confident Putney will continue to rise to the occasion, providing the most meaningful and relevant education one can find. I am inspired by this.

I hope you will be inspired, too. This report shows that The Putney School is many things:

  • It is a thriving institution thanks to the many who are committed to our important mission and work. Because of you, we raised over one million dollars in annual gifts to support our students and teachers, and made progress toward completing the largest–and perhaps most important–capital campaign in Putney’s history.
  • It is a school on the cutting-edge, one teaching adolescents to be good students and good adults, to be stewards of their communities and of the natural world. This status was validated by one of the largest incoming classes of students Putney has seen in many years.
  • It is the perfect antidote to a world where screen addiction is in the headlines almost daily. Putney connects students with the natural world, their creative impulses, and community—connections that permeate their senses and stays with them long after they leave the Hill.
  • Finally, it is a place dedicated to the self-worth of the individuals in our community— adolescents who come through our doors feel valued and affirmed in ways that will serve them for their entire lives.

Those who donate to Putney are selfless—they simply want to ensure that succeeding generations of students have the same vital, transformative experience the school has delivered for almost a century. Thank you for being one of those donors. We could not do it without you.

One of my favorite parts of the Putney experience is mealtime. I love surveying the KDU and watching students, staff, and faculty eat together and build a community where every member contributes and is equally valued. There is no hierarchy or segregation by age or role. Everyone is important.

Our donor community comes together in the same way. Whether you have made a lead gift to our capital campaign or given $25 to support financial aid through the Annual Fund, we are grateful to you for rising to the occasion. You are an instrumental part of Putney and the wonderful success we have enjoyed over the last year.

Thank you for believing in us!

With appreciation,


Danny O'Brien, Head of School

Letter from the

Director of Development

Kalya Yannatos, Director of Development

Dear Putney Community,

The many ways so many of you have stepped up for Putney this year continues to inspire and uplift. The impact of your generosity is visible in the student experience. For instance, gifts-in-kind of yarn and fabric are transformed into wearable art. Donated instruments are heard around campus. Horses given are ridden with great joy and gratitude. Volunteers have helped behind the scenes in a multitude of ways, strengthening the connective tissue of this caring community, tangibly making a difference in how we relate to and support each other. As we work toward expanding awareness around the culture of philanthropy at Putney, an understanding grows of the need to embrace the spirit of generosity as a way to both honor our past and continue to evolve. We remain profoundly grateful to all of you who have participated in both the Annual Fund and Sing it Forward, the Campaign for Putney’s Future at whatever level you have been able. Your contributions provide the essential support that keeps us going and growing and your participation tells a powerful story of belief in this place.

The year has brought a gust of renewed energy with Danny at the helm. While the Annual Fund remained strongly supported, (the set goal of $1.2 million was close to being met) and other elements of the campaign gained some ground, we still have quite a distance to go. With the new dorms scheduled to be inhabited by spring, we are hopeful that your continued generosity will help to close the remaining $6 million gap. Once the dorms are fully funded, our focus will shift to bringing greater momentum to the black box theater project, bringing theater to the heart of campus, allowing for greater access as well collaboration amongst the performing arts. The Emily Jones Fund for Student Support and additional funding in support of students and faculty alike has grown, yet, the need for continued support in these essential realms remains strong.

Through the profound generosity of those whom have put Putney in their wills, or left Putney a bequest, we remain hopeful for Putney’s ability to thrive long into the future. What an extraordinary way to guarantee a lasting impact to a place that is committed to sending engaged citizens and compassionate people out into the world. If you haven’t yet joined the Legacy Circle, or let us know that you intend to, please consider doing so.

Your partnership and collaboration means the world to us here on the hill. It buoys our spirits and lifts up Putney’s song, as your voices and philanthropic choices create a harmonic interplay that sustains us, Putney, this special school that we all love.

Thank you, truly, from the heart of Putney, we thank you.


Kalya Yannatos, Director of Development

$4 Million Awarded in Need-Based Financial Aid
Total Endowment $30,599,889
Number of Endowed Funds: 66
As of June 30, 2023

In a recent survey, we asked The Putney School community
what makes Putney special.

You said that “real responsibility is given to students both in the classroom and in their personal time” and that you learn “life lessons that stick with you long past graduation.”

We asked you what qualities most accurately represent The Putney School.

You said:
Strong Sense of Community
Progressive Values
Strong Arts Program
Opportunities for Outdoor Exploration

Thank you for supporting our mission and making these ideals a reality.

Thank you for supporting The Putney School.